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of the main things he talked about in his election. but look at this. obamacare approval among uninsured millennials, 18-29, 57% say they disapprove of this program. it's pretty incredible when you think of how he got elected and the group that embraced him so heartily back then. >> there has long been some scepticism among millennials about the president's healthcare plan. what's new and different and most troubling for the white house is there is increased scepticism of the president himself. now you have got a situation where young people are sceptical of the law. sceptical of the reforms. they think they will pay for, they think the coverage will be worse and they are increasingly sceptical of the guy who's selling it and that's what's changed. i don't know that the president can gets that credibility back. the interesting thing is the drop in his support came after the revelations about nsa metadata collection and the coverage it got. he hasn't been able to recover among this group since that time. martha: when you look back at the election numbers, when you say did you vote for oba
. you have got to be careful what you say when you are in an election. when you say it's going to be the most transparent administration in history you will be held to that standard. >> what about calling the president a liar. is that okay? i think so. i know bob you don't like it. i'm wondering what bob had for breakfast because i'm nodding my head. i think there is a high bar set by the president. when i worked in washington, d.c., we figured out every way to call our opponent anything but a liar. however, during this last presidential election president obama actually used the term and their staff did on his campaign. it shocked a lot of people that they went there first. now that that bar has been lowered and they are calling each other a liar, i do think it's fair. and either they are grossly incompetent or they are deceitful. either way the credibility has been lost. a lot of people gave him goodwill when oh came in to do obamacare. this touches him personally. >> you are touching on something that's important here. it's the way this president came into the white house an
africa's first democratically elected and first black president and forge ad legacy of forgiveness and unit. bill: we learned moments ago, mandela's national funeral will take place december 15th, nine days from now. greg palkot leading coverage. greg, you were in south africa six months ago. how are people reacting there? >> reporter: that's right, bill. we were outside the pretoria hospital whereenelson mandela laid gravely ill couple months ago. we saw the outpouring. the scenes we're looking at now from south africa is just the beginning. it will continue. crowds are gathering outside of the johannesburg house where mandela spent last troubling weeks and months. they're marking the passing of the person they can the father of their country. they're mourning and also celebrating the man. his body was taken overnight to a nearby morgue in preparation for the week-long morning period starting with a national day of prayer this coming sunday and ending with burial in the following sunday in the home village. probably no stronger tribute we've heard today from the one-time nemesis o
to bring the question to bear. it's about the poirt of the congress, the elected representatives of the people to write the laws of the land as the constitution intended. that process is not a pretty one or easy one. there are hard fought debates and lots of negotiations. butted the fact of the matter that's how our system is designed. if the president can by pass that and write it himself. he doesn't have a debate in the oval office about what he wants to do. he does what he wants to do and then you no longer have representative democracy. martha: you raise some important points and their testimony yesterday was stunning in its scope. thank you very much for being here. bill: we are asking on twitter today that same question about constitutional bounds @marthamaccallum or bill hemmer. president obama says obamacare is working. we'll debate that in moment. martha: a man trapped in a ship at the bottom of the ocean. he was able to stay alive for three tase under the water. wait until you see this unbelievable rescue. >> the bottom line is this law is work and will work toibt futur
is going to be very interesting when it comes to the midterm elections, not only to see if democrats lose their seats in the senate but see how democrats campaign. will they campaign on obamacare like dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz suggested or will they continue to run away from it and try their best to look back at their own promises to say, i'm really sorry. i think they will have to make statements we didn't tell you the truth. we're sorry bit. we'll do everything to get your plans back. those plans are gone. that trust is gone. you look at polling. look at the polling of president and congress as a whole, people are really not happy about this going back we talk about short memories. 2010 was a landslide year for republicans based on obamacare. that is not even at time when it is bad as it is now. looking at 2014. it will be interesting to see how democrats campaign. martha: touches the lives of so many people and we are going to be seeing that moment of president obama saying if you like your health care plan you can keep it, as you can bet, over and over and over again in
in states with a democrat senator up for election next year. they spent hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to so-called community groups to provide navigators to go about helping people sign up for insurance. they have spent an enormous amount of time cultivating hollywood figures with big twitter accounts and facebook pages to advocate this. the president spent years touting benefits of this. if dr. emanuel really thinks the answer is one television ad waiting back there in the ol' closet they're about to spring out and that will get them to 7 million people signed up by end of march or to even five million or six million signed up by december 23rd when the enrollment period ends to guaranty coverage by january 1 he is kidding himself. he is delusional. bill: that is 105 days from now. >> he is delusional. bill: marketing, pr, this thing has been on every website and newspaper and television station for 2 1/2 months. >> you get one chance to create a first impression and affordable care act's first impression created on october 1 was not good. as people have learned more about i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6